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Banner Advertising

Have you ever thought of showing your company’s advertisement on dierent famous online platforms including YouTube, Google and numerous popular local websites? By exposing to 2 hundred million of online users per month, you can promote your brand easily!

Target Group Filter Function

Once a visitor clicks on your company’s banners, use remarketing to reach past website visitors and mobile app users.

Filtering websites or forums in targeted industry
Filtering target groups (e.g. gender, occupation and age)
Filtering users’ interests (e.g. fashion, technology and travel)

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has more than 1.1 billions users all over the world, more and more companies use this social network to approach their potential customers.

Facebook Apps

Create activities, such as "Friends Invitation”, "Lucky Draw” and "Photo Contest”, in your Facebook fans page.

Fans Boost Up Service

With creative activities, we can help you increase your number of fans. The more fans you have, the more sales opportunities!

Fans Page Management

To be a successful Facebook page, there should be enough information to attract users. Keep updating news and your albums, and don’t forget to give replies to them daily!