Cloudsoft Membership System | Membership Management System

Cloudsoft Membership System is a CRM developed by SEI with heart.

More features, less cost

The Cloudsoft Membership System is a multi-function software, which can be used to store a large number of customer contact information (such as name, address and contact number) and to track customer activity (such as website visits, phone calls, emails, transactions record, etc.). CloudSoft has been helping all types of businesses to use IT technology to create a more efficient business environment. We know that companies focus on sales revenue, but the operation management also plays an important part. Our Business Membership System analyzes useful information to help sales improve performance, productivity and market activity, and further enhances the efficiency of the business and removes unnecessary work processes to save time.

1)Integrated document processing
A system integrates data access, management, and proofreading functions to reduce complex document processing procedures and avoid human mistakes.
2) Saving operating costs
Skip the step of data entry, saving manpower.
3) Effectively to select the target audience
with detailed member classifications provide insight into the needs of members and help organizations selected the right audience.
4) “Simple and easy”user manual
With detailed instructional guidelines, it is easy for beginners to handle the operation of the system.
5) Digital statistics
- Number of members
- Membership management
6) Member Information
- Better understanding of the members' needs
- New member self-registration function
- Data export function
- Instant member search
7) Activity management
- Show event attendance list
- Assist in estimating the number of attendees and help to fine tune the event plan in future
- Provide effective statistic report on activity popularity
8) Conversation record
- SMS message pop up notification
- Fix time delivery, saving follow-up time
- Help you to distribute the latest news systematically
- Targeting promotional messages (divided by age, gender, interests, occupation, income, area of residence, etc.)

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