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CloudSoft designed for medical institutions/clinics. The Medical Center Solution and Clinic Management System can help with complex clinic management and administration. A general-purpose computer system that helps you manage clinic records and improve workflow. 。

HK and Macau primary healthcare services are mainly supported by around 5,000 licensed private sector family doctors. They are normally running a small clinic. No more than half of these clinic uses a stand-alone PC system serving health record keeping, medical form and label printout; another half is still using manual record card by handwriting.

Our healthcare system facilitates the connection between patients and doctors. Through cross-center services, mobile applications, AI Chatbot helps to better connect and expand healthcare services.

More features, less cost

Focusing on improving medical services and management

Helping healthcare practitioners manage clinical information and improve patient care with greater efficiency. Clinic management system support includes the following clinic workflows:

Medical Center Solution Platform
  • Total solution for Medical Center and Standalone Clinics.
  • Online platform supporting operation automation such as patient return visit.
  • Various intelligent tools enhance healthcare service quality and efficiency.
  • Link with patient, doctor, service, data, insurance and agent.
  • Healthcare big data and business expansion.
Lab Report Designer
  • Self-defined lab data import template.
  • Self-defined report template to allow report composition, words editing, plotting graph.
  • Supports various presentation graphs to plot graph with imported lab result data.
  • Report generation, verification, approval, and multi-format delivery.
  • Managing patient appointments, registration and admissions
  • Attendance queue handling
  • Retrieving and maintaining patient history
  • Providing comprehensive consultation and drug dispensary services
  • Billing patients and insurers
  • Generating reports for analysis
  • Digitizing patient management and clinical care
Customer Benefits
  • Better linkage between patient and doctor
  • Automation and Never missing
  • Support complicated medical center business model - support facilitates center service pack, income, item, cost allocation, inventory and consumables
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Less workload of nurse
  • Benefits from professional IT service partner
Target customer/organization
  • Specialist
  • Clinic
  • Medical institutions
  • Medical service agency
  • Non-profit, non-governmental organization
  • Public organizations and government departments
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