EDM | Email Marketing

Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can assist you to solve your problems on hand by setting your objectives and reaching your full potential. We help NGOs and SMEs to improve effectiveness and performance with methodology



Brand matters and every company cares about brand building. The brand of a company shapes its corporate image and SEI builds an impressive brand for you.

Best experience, best strategy

To build up customer loyalty, we work out the most competitive brand building strategies, both online and offine. Apart from traditional printed media, we also specialize in all kinds of online channels, including search engine marketing and optimization, banner advertisements, social image management, email marketing, etc.

We don’t just plan, we execute

We launch brand building campaigns that rock! While most brand consulting companies just talk about the plan, SEI even makes it work for you. We help manage your social media page, prepare promotional materials, place advertisements and even bridge you with potential partners and sponsors, so that your brand could penetrate throughout all channels, thoroughly!

Impressive design that works for your brand

Design is in the DNA of SEI. We believe that design matters and it matters the most. To build up the best brand image, consistent and iconic design is an essential step. Our professional designers specializing in brand building and design help you to magically improve the outlook of your brand.

Location Based Message (LBS)

With "Message Blasting” technique, we can help you send text or photo messages to your targeted customers, promoting your business.


Low Cost
High Open Rate, Over 90%
Filter Receivers by Genders & Age
High Sharing Rate
Large Number of Smartphone Users
More Interactive
Unlimited number of words or even website links can be sent at the same time

Through SMS, you can send messages to targeted customers who are in a certain area (eg in a specific shopping mall/ street).

This marketing strategy can bring you a great revenue and it is particularly suitable for roadshows, exhibitions and other kinds of events.

Group SMS/MMS to Targeted Users
Accurate Districts/ Streets/ Buildings Filtering
Target Phone Model Filtering (eg iPhone)
Customized Sender’s Number & Name