IP Phone

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IP Phone

Do you know phone call can be transmitted through the Internet? Do you know that you can save thousands of pennies by switching the normal phone system to IP Phone?

In addition to regular telephone features like voice mailing, IP Phone even supports tele-conference and multi-language out of box. You can even integrate the IP Phone system into your CRM, recording every piece of important conversation record. With only one cable, you can already enjoy both internet and telephone service, making it super suitable for SMEs and NGOs which have limited resources, such as beauty, retail, jewelry, hotel, logistics and transportation.


Reducing telephone and maintenance expenses
Connecting all centers
Establishing donation hotlines


Too many incoming calls, not able to answer on time
System distributes numbers to callers according to the calling order
The order is shown on the computer monitor immediately
Customer service staff can answer the phone in order

IP Phone System / IP PBX

The IP Phone System is designed to help you grow your business by providing plenty business-enhancing system features and functions.

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Use case

  • Office Phone System
  • Multi Location Office Phone System
  • Customer Service Hotline
  • Information Hotline
  • Event Registration & Booking
  • Check Member Reward
  • Billing Reminders
  • Customer Research Surveys
  • Course Enquiry Hotline
  • Lucky Draw Campaign
  • Membership / Loyalty Program
  • Product Ordering and Fulfillment
  • Employee Remote Attendance
  • Event Time and Venue Notifications

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