Smart Logistics


SEI has warehouses and operations in Hong Kong, providing a wide range of warehousing, local distribution and value-added services. We have tailor-made our warehouses layouts, designed for efficient and effective operations, having designated areas for racking, block stacking, pick and pack activities, with space to facilitate the sorting of assorted cargoes. We have both ambient and climate controlled storage areas for Cosmetics, Fashion and Accessories and Electronics.
We can handle orders with computer link-up, which enables our customers to both upload and download external data so that essential data can be imported or exported between their system and our own. Our real-time online reporting systems, let our customers keep track of: Stock Data, Stock Balance Level, Re-ordering Level, Stock Aging, Expiry-Date Of Products, and Real-Time Delivery Status of their orders. Such particular features allow an efficient operations management, an effective planning for daily replenishment of stock and easy physical transportation management down to departmental level for individual customers.
Tracking and monitoring of stock movements and delivery status is more accurate and is assembled through a highly secure web-site linkage. All data and reports are shown in real time enhancing efficiency and transparency of operations.

Mission and Vision

Mission - To become the world's best IT and logistics company, with a commitment to providing the highest quality service
Vision - To provide zero-defect quality warehousing service and logistics with advanced IT technology, in an efficient and customer-driven manner, resulting in total satisfaction for our customers.

Target Group/Organization

We see no reason to target a specific industry or type of business. As long as there are needs for call centre or telemarketing (telesales) services, we are always delighted to be a service provider. And we are particularly eager to be a strategic partner of NGOs and SMEs in terms of the provision of call service.

  • Suitable Industries
  • Business Services
  • Entertainment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Non-profit making and non-governmental organizations
  • Public Sector and Government Departments
  • Retail
  • Transportation

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