Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can assist you to solve your problems on hand by setting your objectives and reaching your full potential. We help NGOs and SMEs to improve effectiveness and performance with methodology


Brand Wifi

With a built-in WYSIWYG splash page editor, you can control the user experience from the moment when a guest connects to your network. Let your customers check in to and like your Facebook Page with Brand Wifi.

It supports all kinds of online activities including media streaming, P2P, VoIP, download and upload.
It supports all devices such as laptops, tablets, PCs, mobile phones, notebooks and portable game consoles.
It enhances your working experience with high speed Wifi.
Use in combination with Wifi Set-up Service can further utilize the potential of your Wifi networks.

Electronic Premium

To help increase your brand awareness, we offer electronic gifts and premium production services for corporate image building, promotions and special occasions. We want your guests and customers have the best impression on your organization. Among all, portable chargers and USB are the most popular items.

In addition to production, SEI also provides customized design service, including corporate identity, graphic and video design, so that we can satisfy your needs in different events.

Digital Signage

SEI offers digital signage for businesses to display synchronized data. The digital signage throughout a retail chain, or other dispersed locations, can be updated in real time and managed from a single point. This minimizes IT resources and display downtime, while freeing up space normally occupied by cumbersome hardware.

Benefits over in-house servers

Minimal IT maintenance
Minimal signage downtime
Save time
Quick content update

Hand-sized media player frees up shop space

Easy to install
Wi-Fi enabled
Low energy consumption

Feature-rich yet user-friendly content management system

Video wall and multi-screen facilities
Highly-customizable split screens to display different content simultaneously
Campaign scheduling
Mobile app for remote management