AIoT Smart Home & Office

AIoT Smart Home & Office

SEI focuses on exploring the intelligentization of homes in the 5G era, we released a 5G IoT strategy, redefining the future home and office from the perspective of ‘’creating new species of home and office appliances’’. Through the integration of 5G + AI + IoT, it breaks down barriers between different types of smart appliances and leads the both smart home industry and smart office industry to enter the era of a new interconnected future.

AI Voice + AIoT

Intelligent voice plays an essential role in enabling the implementation and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) for a connected world. The scope of the intelligent voice mainly encompasses speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language processing. AIoT user can access and control all IoT devices through the AI voice engine, by the interaction with the artificial intelligence.

From isolated to holistic IoT - Home & office scenario experience

We hope that, each scene of the home and office is internet-based. Each screen can be separately used in the corresponding scene, and the corresponding devices will interact spontaneously, not depending on mobile phone or particular equipment.

5G + AI + IoT

Over 50 categories 5G IoT
Over 50 Smart Appliances Portfolio
Up to 250 devices can be connected
Software+ hardware integrated solution

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